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Climbing Naked

I awaken to find myself naked in public. Iʼm in a bouldering competition and I am exposed before my eyes. Who I am is revealed, the way I handle success and failure and how much I support my fellow competitors. All these questions are answered in this competition. Iʼm on an emotional roller coaster and this ride doesnʼt end until the climbing has stopped. I take notice of a pattern amidst all the chaos around me. I climb a problem, I rise to the top, I’m strong beautiful, I’m unstoppable. The next climb I fall ( I watch the other girls send it ). With each failed attempt everything has fallen, my confidence, my individuality, hope of making finals. The pressure is on me full force. How I respond determines who I am. What do I do? I look outside myself and see I’m not the only one on this emotional ride. I lend a helping hand and forget my worries. I pull myself together now humbled, yet confident and complete my score card. I persevere with a new found hope and a quiet mind. We are all climbing naked.

 Vertical Girl Athlete Sarah Heath

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