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Dairy Canyon & Raiden Areas – Joe’s Valley, UT

Last weekend, the weather was looking bad for the Denver and front range areas, so some of the Girl Beta crew decided to take that opportunity to make our first trip of the season to Joe’s Valley, Utah. The goal of the trip was to scope out some of the “newer” areas and decide how well written and accurate the new Utah Bouldering guide was. For a more elaborate description of our journey, check out Ivelin Penchev’s site, Lovech Climbing. In general, the new areas were a good change-up, but the new guidebook seemed to be very misleading in terms of grades. As a positive to the new guide, it has great photos, fairly good start hold description, and good map layout. Below is a video of Sara, Mercedes and Ivo climbing DK’s Buldge V1, Balwin Bash V7, Big Cheesy V5, Taking the Stairs V9, & Dunkin Donuts V10.

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