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Red House V7 – Little Rock City (AKA Stone Fort), Tennessee

Climbers – Jill Sompel, Emily McCleary, Kaitlyn Honnald

Red House Remix from Jill Sompel on Vimeo.


The Beta – Begin with both hands on underclings and a left heel/toe cam, make powerful bicepy move with left hand to envelop slot. Walk right foot over to release left foot in order to move it up to the next ledge for a left toe cam. Match right hand on sloping edge. Lock off with your right arm to place left hand into finger lock. Walk right foot over and place a left heel hook above your head. Bring right hand up to pinch the undercling and bump left hand to plate. Bring right foot over and place a SOLID knee bar. Right hand comes to a wide pinch as an intermediate then bump out to a undercling pocket. Walk left foot in and flag hard with right foot, bring left hand to next good pocket jug. Match on jug and move up with left hand to small crimper on face. Bring right hand to sharp slot, re-adjust feet and go big to the sloping edge with left hand. Step feet up on jugs and traverse over right with good underclings at your waist!

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