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Rupture V7 – Morrison, CO

Mercedes Pollmeier on Rupture V7. Photo by Jamison Burt.
Like the red beanie?

Rupture V7 is one of the better problems found in the Morrison area. It’s set high on the ridge of the Dark Side (South Side Morrison) but can be difficult to find because its in a crevice.

The Beta:

  • Start with left hand in the slot, right hand on undercling, left foot low, right foot smear.
  •  Big move with left hand to big rounded hold, move right foot up just below starting hold slot. right hand moves to sloper rail, left foot moves to starting hold slot and match hands on sloper.
  •  Move right hand to next sloper on rail. bring left foot up to rounded hold, press hips up and cross left hand to shallow pocket.
  •  Right foot finds a small edge out to the right, move right hand to good crimp next to the left hand.
  •  Left foot heel hook (you need to place it where you can get the most purchase for the next move), right foot on tiny jib. Big slap to sloper (its a bit further than you think, get the hand all the way around the feature).
  •  I moved my left heel in a bit more so that I could perch for the next two moves. Right hands moves again to the upper part of the side pulling edge. Perch a bit more n the left foot, left hand goes to small crimp on the face.
  •  left foot turns to a toe, left hand goes to left side of next edge right above you (the left side is not as good as the right side). Switch feet and bring right hand matched to the right side of the edge.
  •  Right hand extends up to the lip, switch feet, left hand finds a fairly good edge on the left side of the lip. Top out to the left, it’s less sketchy.

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