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Spam, V7 – Joe’s Valley, UT

It’s March and that means the start of the season at Joe’s! Temperatures are optimal during the day, and most boulders are climbable in New Joe’s. The Forks boulders will have some snow until the end of the month, however, there are still a lot of boulders that can be topped out. Our trip last weekend was primarily spent at New Joe’s. Ivo Penchev provides us with some footage of “Spam” as well as some boy footage of “Bring the Heatwhole” and “Freak”.

  • Spam is known for its tough yet fun mantle for the top out.
  • Through your right heel up to the shallow scoop and start turning it into a total foot scum (You will be using the edge of the foot. The heel tends to slip off if you don’t get your toe down).
  • I use the first right hand side-pull over the lip to bring my hips up, then bump to the second side pull (Some match the side-pull, however, this made me barn-door and fall to the ground, missing the pads).
  • The foot scum is flipped to a toe and the left hand flips to a mantle.
  • It’s a committing press, but it sticks!

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