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Spittin’ Venom V9 – Red Rock Canyon

Here is a video submission from Jeline Guiles:

- Start with your hands on the two crimp rails at the bottom.
- Use the tiny left foot and a low right heel around the arete.
- Pull up to the first intermediate right crimp, then quickly throw to the higher right crimp. If you’re taller, you can just go straight to the higher right crimp.
- Get a left heel on the start and lock off your right arm. Taller people can toe into the clearly marked left foot below the first starting left hand.
- Fall into the left micro jug.
- Bring your right hand up to the other micro jug on the right side.
- Match your hands and pull up over the lip.
- Reach for the far left jug and top it out.
- Top out holds are numerous, you just have to feel for them

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