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What Nutrition Category do you fall into?

Are you Paleo? Are you Vegan? Are you Gluten Free? Well, it is so hard to say what kind of nutrition category I fall into. I’m not entirely Paleo, I’m not entirely gluten free, I’m not entirely against all carbs. I know for sure that once I do fixate on one category and am completely strict about my diet, I tend to freak out a few weeks in and totally lose it. I end up having a worse diet than I did before.

I am bringing this up because recently I read a few articles by Dr. John Berardi. He is hands down one of the best nutritionists today and all of his work is research based but also very practical. He has worked with thousands of people, elite athletes, recreational athletes, people looking to be healthier, the obese population,  etc. He knows his stuff and can formulate a plan for anyone. He himself said that he can’t quite fit into a specific category when it comes to nutrition. He says that people are too different from one another and that you just cannot recommend the same diet for everyone. We all have different body types, come from different areas around the world, and have different genetic needs. Exercise, and the type of exercise, also plays a big part in what you eat and what you need nutritionally.

One of the best things that come out of dieting is that you become more aware of what you put into your mouth. What you shove into your mouth ultimately has an affect on your current body and your future body. I know that if I eat more sweets, the next day my joints hurt. This is a deduction I have finally made because of cleaning up my diet. Now, that’s not to say that I will stop eating sweets, but I am aware of it and do my best to keep the sweets to a minimum. I know that if I eat a small breakfast, I tend to be so darn hungry in the afternoon, I will eat and eat until I am stuffed, and sometimes choosing the wrong foods to fill my appetite. I have learned this through adjusting my portion sizes and the timing of my meals.

In the past I have been so reluctant to advise people on dieting, because the field of nutrition is so complex and there is not one cure all method of dieting. But what I can advise is to try things out, and take small steps to changing how you eat, because in the end, you want to change your behavior of eating, not just what you eat. So, taking it slowly will ensure your retention to change, and you wont stress out and explode. You will have, as I like to call it, “fat” days where you cheat here and there, because you socialize, go out to eat, holidays etc, but in all, you do your best in changing how you eat. For me it was the timing of my meals (trying not to eat after 6pm, eating high protein foods after workouts), eating whole foods (reducing the amount of processed foods), and eating smaller, more frequent meals (every 2-3 hours).

If you’d like more information on how to get started on a better eating regime, you should check out Dr. Berardi’s site. He offers a free 5 day course that will actually help you get started in the right direction. He breaks everything down and always gives research based info so that you can learn and know what he knows.

Here are the links to the Free 5 day courses. It’s different for men and women, so make sure you click on the right one :)

Free Video Course on Fat Loss for Men

Free Video Course on Fat Loss for Women

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