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Wills A Fire, V6 – Joe’s Valley, UT

One of the exceptional attributes about Joe’s is that there are a variety of quality V6′s. Some are questionable about the rating, especially when it comes to reach, but they are all worth a good try. “Wills A Fire” is probably one of the best V6′s I have done, next to “Star Crossed Lovers” in Red Cliff.

  • The first move is a bit awkward.
  • Go up left hand to a good slot, then match.
  • Bring right foot up out to the right small edge.
  • Go up right hand to good slot, but bump to the right side.
  • Match.
  • The next few moves can be done about 3 different ways.
  • I decided to go left hand to the big pocket, then right hand to the next pocket.
  • The crux for me was to cross to the crack and match.
  • Most girls have gone up left hand to the pocket, then right hand undercling that is situated just above the right side jug (that is not used in the video).
  • They then move left hand to the next pocket, which puts you in a better position to move to the crack/gaston.
  • The next move to the crimp is a bit committing, but the hold is really good.
  • Match the crimp and throw to a good sloper jug with the left.
  • Right foot high and mantle to the massive awesome jug with the right hand and done!

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