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Chips, V7 – Joe’s Valley, UT

I have been working on inertia kicks in the gym and finally got to use it outside!

  • Chips (V7) starts on underclings with a right knee bar.
  • Right hand crosses to the incut crimp.
  • Keep the left hand undercling as you move your left foot up on the rail below the right hand and the right knee bar turns to a right toe-hook.
  • Left hand moves around the arete to a small incut dish.
  • Switch feet on the rail and move left foot to a small edge below the left hand.
  • Bump left hand to the flat side-pull, then bump again to the upper more vertical side-pull.
  • The lower part of the side-pull is key because of the texture.
  • Look up at the tick mark for the jug (you are going to throw blind to it).
  • Do a small counter-movement with your legs and inertia kick with the right leg, hiii-ya!!
  • The jug is gooood.
  • My beta for the top is really bad, as I had no clue what to find up there and I am terrible at top-outs.
  • The holds on top are a bit slopey but close enough to situate your body.

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  1. March 31st, 2011 at 2:21 am

    Climber Grrl says:

    Awesome Problem!

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