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Team Effort Stand – Joe’s Valley, UT

This definitely took some team work between Erica, Kristen and myself.

  • The first move is pretty big, but once you hit the lower part of the hold, you can bump the right hand higher until its basically awesome.
  • The left hand shifts around to make room for the heel hook for the next move.
  • The left pocket is a good intermediate before bumping to the sloper crimp.
  • To reach the sloper crimp, the right foot should be placed on the small feature directly below the hips.
  • Get the sloper crimp, keep the heel and grab the sloper knob (now I think I am just making up names for holds).
  • Switch the heel to a toe and go for the jug.
  • If you are Kristen’s height (5’3″), you can use the start hold for a right foot before going for the jug, this creates a higher percentage move.
  • Kristen sent, so we dubbed it a “Team Send.”

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