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Vaporizer V7, Lincoln Lake, CO

Vaporizer V7 was put up by Ivelin Penchev, one of the first V7′s in the area. Lovely crimpy powerful line, tucked in a cave near Unshackled V10.

  • Start on undercling jug with left foot on, right foot flag.
  • Left hand moves to highest part of slot, right hand matches with either a right heel hook or right toe.
  • Right foot on small jibb, left foot on either a smear or small jibb, to cross right hand to right facing crimp.
  • Bring left foot up to the ledge, right foot on a small edge on “roof”.
  • Sag into right arm, and bring left hand to small incut crimp.
  • keep feet and dynamically go for jug on the roof. (tick this hold, because you can barely see it). Your feet may cut during this move. If you are like me, and rely solely on power, then your feet will cut.
  • Right foot moves to the seam, right hand goes for big hold about 4 inches above lip.
  • For best placement, put right heel in dish, pull up and mantle press out.

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