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BKB Foundation – Getting More Kids to Climb!

Brooklyn Boulders, a gym based just outside of downtown Manhattan, is working hard to embrace their surrounding community through the act of climbing.  Their latest event, dubbed Elevate The Public, is geared towards raising funds to assist with recruiting students and mentors for their City Rocks Program.  This program is geared to helping inner-city youths better themselves through rock climbing and community based projects.

Many people in the climbing community talk about giving back, but this program and the members of the Brooklyn Boulders Foundation have put the wheels in motion to help expose children to rock climbing as a way to mentor them during their lives. In order to create these great opportunities for the local youths, the foundation is asking those within the climbing community for assistance.

The video below offers a better overall view of the program your donation would go to:

If you would like to make a donation to the Elevate the Public campaign you may do so by visiting

If you would like more information about the Brooklyn Boulders Foundation check them out at

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