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Dorothea Karalus – The German Crusher

Climbfind Hero: Dorothea Karalus

You’ve probably heard of the big guns in US female bouldering—Alex Puccio, Alex Johnson, Lisa Rands, and Angie Payne, to name the best of the best.  But how about all those other girls in the world who are pulling down?  Thanks to the World Cup circuit names like Anna Stöhr, Jain Kim, Juliane Wurm, Melissa Le Neve and Akiyo Noguchi are becoming more household in the States, at least if you follow comps.  What about hardcore outdoor climbing women though? Read More!

Bouldering Harvey’s Marbles, Australia

This summer, instead of hiking the high ranges in Colorado and bouldering the new areas in Rocky Mountain National Park, I traveled to Australia to spend time with my family. I was fortunate enough to compete in the Queensland Bouldering Championships as well as bouldering in my local area in Townsville. One thing I have to say is that the climbing scene in North East Queensland seems to be a bit exclusive and access is tough. The only way I was able to get to the area was by going with the University of Queensland climbing club. This crew is based out of Brisbane, which is about an 18 hour drive to Townsville. So I want to thank Dan, Johnny, Tina, Jeff and others of the crew for showing me the local problems. (more…)

Schrotti – 7b, Magic Wood (Averstal) – Schweiz

Thank you to Katinka Muelschlegel for the footage!

les Médisances, 7a+ – Fontainebleau, FR

Another nice video from Jackie Hueftle of her travels in France. Les Medisances (7a+) is a boulder problem of balance and sloper strength. Climber: Marjo.

Brasil, 7a – Fontainebleau, FR

Jackie Hueftle is currently climbing up a storm in France. She was nice enough to share this video with us. I have never been to Font, but the rock looks amazing!

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