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Two from Cowell, Arkansas

Marci and Olivia take down two boulders in Cowell, Arkansas

Le Beak V4

Unassisted Helicopter V6

The Tick Traverse V5 – Northwest Branch Boulders, MD

Anne Stablein climbs the Tick Traverse in Maryland.

Northwest Branch Bouldering – The Tick Traverse V5 from Dan Michels on Vimeo.

Hueco Tanks, 5 problems climbed by Xu Liting

Here are 5 problems featured in Xu Liting’s video from Heuco Tanks in 2013.

Hector in a Blender V7
Big Iron on His Hip V7
Pumped Full of Semen V9
Eckstein V10
Theater of the Absurd V10

Seven Spanish Angels V6 – Bishop, CA

Ariel Chilton climbs Seven Spanish Angels with some static beta. Warning, I would turn your volume down for this one, but the beta is great.

Gusher V11 – Ute Pass, CO

Galina Parfenov sends Gusher V11 in Ute Pass, CO. This is a tough one, especially the top out. Below she gives her beta for the Crux and Top Out. Great send Galina!

Crux: Shift your weight onto your left hand and lock-off while pressing hard with your right foot, then cross right hand to the undercling crack.

Topout: Using the starting rail for feet, traverse your way across the lower crack until you hit a good gaston with your right hand. Get a high right foot and bump your right hand over to a decent sidepull around the slopey corner. Move left hand to the gaston and finish on undercling crimpers.

First Female V14 (8B+) – Tomoko Ogawa

This is a very proud moment, for women in climbing and for Tomoko. It’s really great to see women from around the world, pushing their limits, staying focused, and sending their projects. Watch this great video of Tomoko Ogawa, and how psyched she is when she sends. Congrats Tomoko!

BKB Foundation – Getting More Kids to Climb!

Brooklyn Boulders, a gym based just outside of downtown Manhattan, is working hard to embrace their surrounding community through the act of climbing.  Their latest event, dubbed Elevate The Public, is geared towards raising funds to assist with recruiting students and mentors for their City Rocks Program.  This program is geared to helping inner-city youths better themselves through rock climbing and community based projects.

Many people in the climbing community talk about giving back, but this program and the members of the Brooklyn Boulders Foundation have put the wheels in motion to help expose children to rock climbing as a way to mentor them during their lives. In order to create these great opportunities for the local youths, the foundation is asking those within the climbing community for assistance.

The video below offers a better overall view of the program your donation would go to:

If you would like to make a donation to the Elevate the Public campaign you may do so by visiting

If you would like more information about the Brooklyn Boulders Foundation check them out at

Sasha wins the Arco Rock Legend Award!

Congrats to Sasha Diguilian for winning this award. She deserves all this recognition. To view her blog and her thoughts on winning click here.



Rocky Mountain National Park: Shauna Coxsey

Shauna has been demolishing everything she approaches, and this time it’s Riddles in the Park V12 and Whispers of Wisdom V10.

Shauna Coxsey: Mind Matters, V12. Guenella Pass, CO

A nice video of Shauna working through a long line in Guenella Pass, CO.

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